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My Mother Raped And Her Son Molested

Discussion in 'Discuss Sexual Abuse' started by Keith Ma., Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I think it's best for me to keep the information behind my sexual abuse to myself because of my mother's mindset. I recently found out that she was raped in the past. Knowing that right there makes me even sadder because I put myself in her place. My mother was raped and her son molested. I find the people in this world to be sick in a way. To take people's innocence is one thing, but to leave them scars of it is cruel.

    At this point in my life I'm okay with discussing my sexual abuse with my close friends and I even spoke to my psychology teacher about it. My mother comments that I shouldn't tell people about what happened and I suspect that she hasn't had any help dealing with the fact that she was raped. I want to make sure I can live through this abuse but I also want to make sure my mother can too.

    It's like she's ignoring it with her job and many other tasks. Shoving it in the back of her mind, I wish I could do that in a way. Just forget it, even if it is for a day or two. To just forget the stress, the fact that I was a victim and for letting it happen. I'll conquer this with a close friend of mine or by myself I can say that. I have faith in myself and that's the first step!
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  2. :( I am sad for you both! Sending strength and hope to you and your mom! I pray she is able to take a break and find someone to talk to about what happened to her! (())
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  3. I think you're really brave for being able to discuss this so openly - but it seems like your mother is still very scared.

    Have you tried talking to her, or gently suggesting that she should find a professional to talk to? Maybe just knowing that you care enough to ask her will help.

    As for telling her, that's something that is up to you. Sometimes a therapist will be willing to work with you to aid you in telling your mom - and they are trained to be able to handle whatever reaction your mom has.

    I dont know, just my thoughts. :) also, I don't think that you "let this happen" - I think it is something which happened to you that you had no part in whatsoever. And you're doing a great job with dealing with it on your own, but as I said - therapists can be a big help with these things.

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