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Crazy Ob/gyn

Discussion in 'Women's Health' started by Anna Banana, Sep 9, 2011.


Have you ever had a sexually inappropriate OB/GYN?

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  1. When I was 18, I had my first son and when my OB was stitching up the episotomy, he told me he gave me a couple extra stitches and that I would thank him later. I was so doped up that I didn't know what he was talking about, but soon came to find out.

    Having sexual relations became increasingly painful for me and I would tear in that area constantly. I thought there was something wrong with me and that it was my fault, but I didn't remember until a few years ago what he had said to me.

    I went to a woman GYN and she was really mad. She said "A woman OB/GYN would have never done this to me. She numbed me, made an incision and had to sew it back. Very very painful for several weeks to the point where I could hardly sit.
    Now, my problem is that I spent nearly 40 years with this condition and when my husband wants to have sex, I balk because I am so conditioned to the pain that the pain is still there in my mind.

    I don't know what to do about this...I want to be able to have normal (or as normal as possible for someone like me) relations with my husband. Has any one else ever been through this?
  2. Brucielucy

    Brucielucy I am Worth Something!! Staff Member

    Hi Anna, my experience is far less traumatic than yours. Actually it sounds quite pathetic in comparison.

    I had an appointment to see the gynaecologist during my shift at work, so I went along in uniform. This was my first ever appointment and I did not know what to expect. In order to examine me HE insisted on undoing my clothing, and then said that I did not look like I was enjoying it (being undressed).

    It sounds so trivial, but has stuck with me ever since. It certainly felt that it was inappropriate so I think therefore it was, however others might not agree. Fortunately another gyn came into post and I transferred my care to the new one as soon as I could.
  3. It's not trivial. I would have totally freaked and ran out of the room. I know my boundaries and that is too familiar for me. I found out a couple years later that this same OB/GYN was doing more than examining a few of his patients. I found it very disturbing when these women in their late 30's and 40's were laughing and talking about it...but now it makes me wonder why my mother thought he was so good...hmmmm.

    Now I see a woman GYN and she's great! I feel very safe and her anger over what my GYN did made me feel validated in my own anger over what he did to me. I guess I need to address my fear of intimacy because now my brain says "it's going to hurt" with my T.

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  4. Nyx

    Nyx Learning to love myself

    I'm not sure if it's sexually inappropriate, but she sure was inappropriate. I went to a female doctor - never been to a man doctor because I was too freaked out by the idea of a man touching me 'down there', and one day she just called in a man to look because "she had never seen a wound so big". I was petrified, couldn't speak, couldn't move, and I didn't go for an OB appointment for two years because of this. And when I finally went - to another doctor - I couldn't stop crying.
  5. Oops...forgot to hit the reply button...sometimes, this takes a bit to get used to.
  6. Are you at the stage where you are able to state your boundaries to others? Just because they have Dr. or MD. attached to their name doesn't mean they are Gods. You have a voice and one of the things I discovered very early is "No" is a very big word. You don't have to explain anything to anybody; most people will understand, but I do think your OB should have asked you how you felt about getting another opinion, giving you the chance to say, "Okay, as long as it's not a man."

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that. The dis-empowering of another person who has been a victim is a subtle, if not disquieting event which seems to sneak upon us unaware, until it's done. There have been many times when I have endured things that upset me and sometimes it's difficult to distinguish which event is going to set me off.

    I have learned to use my words though, even though sometimes it is a little word, such as "NO!" It has the ability to empower you and not leave you the victim. I know it's not easy to say it the first time, but you are stronger than you realize. The experiences you have gone through make you stronger because you survived!!!

    I know there are times when I feel like surviving has been a burden, but I am coming to realize that it has given me the strength to be strong, when others around me fold. Perhaps it is because I have so much 'flat effect' about everything, but whatever my emotion, whether it be anxiety (which pretty much disabled me yesterday, until I remembered to take my meds), or fear, or just a dark hole with no visible ladder to climb out of it, to just about any other emotion in between, I still remember that little word with so much power. NO!:no:

    I hope you feel better and give a shout out to anybody on here at any time. You are NOT alone.:hug:
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  7. cherryblossom

    cherryblossom Administrator Staff Member

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  8. Thanks cherryblossom, but it seems that each time I don't hit the reply button, by response is edited by someone and I'm told that I need to add part of the quote I'm responding to in my response, so I'm a little confused now. :oops:
  9. cherryblossom

    cherryblossom Administrator Staff Member

    <Anna - I have replied by PC, so as not to detract from the thread content>
  10. Anna

    Anna Guest

    Nasty. This happened to me as well after the birth of my first child. The doctor was also a female doctor and she was one of the cruelest hardest doctors I have ever met. She also did not use any anaesthetic so I felt the cut and when she sewed me up. Was a disgusting horrible experience.

    I hate going to gynaecologists. My last smear was terrible. The stupid stick broke inside me and the doctor got a massive pair of tongs to get it out with, I screamed what are you doing! The pain was terrible. Now I am terrified of going back for my next smear. My experience with gynaecologists is not a good one. They seem to treat people like pieces of meat. Maybe they should learn bedside manners better.
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  11. Good news for those of us who can handle OB/GYN appointments: In the New York Times I recently read an article about a couple donating 48 million dollars to the University to set up a center for training bedside manner to medical students and doctors. I'm hoping it will help doctors learn that we are not just meat on their table.
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  12. MPM


    It is sad that some of you have been sexually abused by a male gynecologist. Sexual abuse by male gynecologists is more common than you can imagine. You all should Google Sexual Misconduct By Doctors.
  13. MPM


    Here are some tips about how to prevent sexual abuse by doctors from the Sexual Misconduct By Doctors' web site:

    1.) It is best for a female patient to never go to a male gynecologist if possible. If you already have a male gynecologist, you should look at switching to a female gynecologist. There are so many good female ob/gyns you could choose from. If your area doesn't have any female ob/gyns, you should check into having a female Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant do your women's health examinations. If you do research, you will notice that some male gynecologists all over the US have sexually abused patients. You are in a very vulnerable position when you let a male gynecologist do intimate procedures on you. Having a nurse or an assistant present in the room with the doctor doesn't guarantee that nothing inappropriate would happen to you. Remember that the nurse or assistant is present to "protect" the doctor and will often be on the doctor's side. There have been cases where female patients felt the male doctor went too far, but the nurse or assistant felt he was simply doing thorough examinations. There was one case where everything happened so quickly that took the nurse off guard and she was not able to report what happened until the female patient left. It is certainly not worth the risk to let a male doctor do intimate female procedures or examinations. It would also be best for you to find a female doctor to do a colonoscopy on you if you must have the procedure done. Some male gastroenterologists have taken advantage of women while they were under anesthesia for colonoscopy. One female patient found semen from the doctor on her face after she woke up from a colonoscopy in a Texas hospital.

    2.) Even with female ob/gyns, you have to take some precautions. It is very rare for female ob/gyns to commit sexual misconduct, but it is possible. Some female doctors are very coercive when it comes to doing things. You need to speak up about things you don't want to be done to you. For example, one female ob/gyn ignored a lady's wishes in writing that she didn't want any medical students present for her C-Section. It is wise to have someone who can help you advocate for what you want. You should ask the female ob/gyn to tell you in details about what exactly what she will be doing and if there is anything you don't like, you should speak up. Find out who all will be present for the procedure.

    3.) Don't allow yourself to be pressured into having a pelvic exam, pap smear, or breast exam at any doctor appointments. Some female patients have gone to the doctor for other health concerns and were pressured into having unnecessary examinations. For instance if you go in for a sore throat and you think you may have strep throat, don't spend time listening to a lecture by the doctor about how important it is to have a pap smear and that you need one today. If something like that happens, tell the doctor you are not interested and you only want to talk about the reason you came in (ex: your throat is sore).

    4.) Don't undress or put on a medical gown when it is unnecessary and/or you feel uncomfortable. There are so many procedures and tests that doctors can do on you without you having to change your clothes. For example, there's no need to change into a medical gown for a strep throat test.

    5.) Keep in mind that it is unnecessary for you to take your shirt off for the doctor to listen to your heart. You should wear a thin shirt and not a sweatshirt. It is strange, but many doctors don't even ask men to take their shirts off to listen to their hearts, but they ask women to. That tells you something is wrong.

    6.) You should think in advance about what parts of your body the doctor should examine and dress accordingly. For instance if you have a knee problem that you want the doctor to check out, you should put shorts instead of pants on so you would not have to take any of your clothes off in the doctor's office.

    7.) Don't listen to recommendations from family members or friends about male gynecologists who may be good. Many people thought that the male gynecologists who have sexually abused patients were wonderful doctors who would never do anything inappropriate. Find yourself a female gynecologist to avoid the risk that you might be abused by a male doctor. Some women prefer female midwives or Nurse Practitioners to do their women's wellness exams and that is a good choice too.

    8.) If you are going to be put under anesthesia, you should insist that you have a family member or a friend present for your procedure.

    9.) Make a firm decision that you will not let a male doctor touch any parts of your body that are covered by a two piece bathing suit. This is a good way to prevent you from being sexually abused by a male doctor.

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